Axels Automotive is proudly the Midwest Distributor for RENNtech Mercedes.  

Axels Automotive offers all Rennech products and is the ONLY full on premise tuner for Renntech in the Midwest.   We offer the New HHT Handheld tuner.  If your vehicle is not covered by the HHT or needs something custom, we can bench flash your ECU and still get your vehicle back to you same day in most cases.  

RENNtech has become the premier Mercedes-Benz specialists.  

Hartmut Feyhl himself is regarded by many as USA’s foremost authority in Mercedes tuning.  His vast experience comes from 12 years spent at AMG Germany before serving as the North American division’s Technical Director.  Prior to the tuning company’s merger with Mercedes-Benz in 1999, by the request of AMG Germany, Feyhl branched out on his own to start RENNtech and service the existing AMG North America customers. 

Renntech designs, engineers and manufactures their own proprietary line of tuning products in-house with a full fabrication and machine shop with CNC and rapid prototyping capabilities.  In-house performance dynos, complete engine management and software tuning capabilities along with a complete service/repair/installation facility and a full-time design, and engineering staff.